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Thrace, the Great Land
Nature at its very best, in the south-eastern edge of Europe. Between two large historic rivers, “Nestos” and “Evros”, the 4 seasons have one feature in common, a wild but welcoming and virgin nature: Forests, mountain peaks and ravines, rivers and gorges, a rich fauna, a rare biodiversity, geological and cultural monuments, smooth and rugged footpaths, slopes for climbing, caves, refuges, dirt tracks and asphalt roads, clean blue Aegean Sea and wonderful beaches. Thrace has a uniqueness that is hard to find in Europe, and awaits you to discover it.
European walking route E6, which starts in Finland, passes through Maronia. It descends southwards from Rodopi, crossing Nestos ‘s straits and following the coastline reaches Alexandroupoli, then Samothrace and ends on Mount “Feggari”. There are several footpaths near “Roxani”, with varying degrees of difficulty for hikers. We can recommend 2 routes: a) that of Agios Georgios, 9 km, 4 hours both ways, and b) Agios Athanassios , 12 km, 6 hours both ways.
Rural Tourism
In a special place near our gardens, you can participate in the process of growing plants and enjoy the results of the cultivation.
Mountain Biking
Mountain bikes are available for hire, to help cycling aficionados explore the broader region around the property. We recommend cycling to the Evros Delta, where you don’t just visit the wetland; you can actually participate in its life cycle. The Evros Delta is a large network of footpaths. Visitors can enjoy unhurried cycling in one of the most beautiful National Parks in the world.
You can combine it with the hiking and reach the around smooth mountain tops. If you are looking for something “special” or extreme, we can organize it with the cooperation of our external partners.
The area of Maronia is very well known from the ancient years. Many archaeological  foundings from the prehistoric years, the period of Homer ‘s Epics, the classical, the Hellenistic, the Roman and the Byzantine era are waiting to visit and to…. discover them.
Adventure Activities
We can organize with the collaboration of our experienced external partners extreme excursions for the adrenaline lovers at the mountains, the sea, the rivers or the lakes. The choice is yours!
One of the most well-known and rich fishing-places in Greece, is here, in Maronia. Always with generous fishing results. With every way of fishing, something good is waiting you at the end of the day. Also, there the 2 nearby Lakes, where is the alternative for the ones who prefer to go there rather than the sea. We can organize upon your request, fishing trips with local fishermen.
The reach fauna and the special relief of the area with the 2 nearby lakes (“Ismaris” and “Vistonis” makes the ideal physical environment for rare and notably kind of birds. This makes this blessed land the “El Dorado” for Birdwatchers.
Most well known the Cave of “Cyclop Polyfimos” (in Maronia) but also there are in the nearby area 2 more (Strimi and Xilagani). They accommodate 10 of the 300 kinds of bats that they live in Europe. They have a rich archaeological interest, but unfortunately, they are closed for the visitors for many years. There are many tries to open again for the public.
Maronia is a very well-known hunting place as well. It has every kind of the Greek fauna, which is allowed from the low to be hunted (birds, rabbits, wild boars). Many hunters from all around Greece and abroad are coming in the area. If you are a lover of this sport, we are waiting you and your dogs (in the outside area of our gardens)
Collection of Mushrooms
The rich flora and the microclimate of the area, favor the development of these giant fungi, especially after the raining season, around Spring time. There are both edible and poisonous, so you have to be careful when you collect them, because safety is first.
Wine Tourism
Well-known even from the Greek mythology and the ancient years the area of Maronia for its fine wine from the local variety “Mavroudi”. This one that made the Cyclop Polyfimos drunk and helped Odyssey and his colleagues to escape after they blind him. Today there are local wineries that you can visit and try these local and also the international varieties which make this wine famous in all around the world like Homer ‘s epic Odyssey –“Kanenas” (Nobody)!
Local Gastronomy
Thrace is a crossroad of people, civilizations and furthermore gastronomy. Here you will find tastes and aromas, which have been blended for many centuries in a mix that you will not find any other similar in Greece! We invite you to try out this local gastronomy, to become familiar with it and you will never forget it!
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